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fleece blankets

Basic fleece blankets, with a pleasant touch and in different sizes.

Fleece blankets.

Reversible shearling fabric blankets, one side with an extra soft touch and the other side with shearling fabric.

It is a warm sherpa fabric blanket ideal for winter, it will make you have a good time when you are on the sofa.

Knitted blankets with pompoms.

Decorative blanket with a very soft fabric, 100% cotton. Knitted blanket with pompoms that you can combine with cushions of the same colour, grey, white and pink.

knitted blankets

Knitted blankets with fabric with different designs.

100% Cotton summer plaids with fringes.

Natural fabric plaids for halftime or summer, 100% cotton light blankets.

The best blankets for beds and sofas

We have the best blankets for beds and sofas. Decorate your home with a blanket for the foot of the bed, armchairs and to cover the sofa. With our bed and sofa plaids you can have warm blankets for winter and soft plaids for summer.

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different types of blankets

You can buy blankets of different types of fabric. Fleece blanket, short and long hair, thick, extra soft, velvet, cotton, knitted and shearling. We also have crochet or crochet style blankets, with different colors.