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Nordic fillings maximum comfort.

Get the best rest with our Nordic filling! Our Nordic fillings are perfect for any season of the year. Made of high quality materials, offering a soft and warm hand feeling. They are the ideal option for those looking for an optimal sleeping experience.

ECO duvet filling: Help the planet while you rest.

We are committed to recycled raw materials that have followed a low CO2 production and low water consumption. The recycled plastic is transformed into a soft, light fiber with a high air circulation capacity that, in addition to being very comfortable, helps take care of the planet.

  • 100% RECYCLED

    The recycled fiber comes from 100% PET plastic. With only 20 bottles we managed to make 1 pillow.


    About 85 million bottles are collected each year to transform them into high-quality fibers.


    Sustainable industrial process, allowing the use of water and the level of CO2 to be reduced.


    Savings in the production process. For each pillow, we save 280 KWH of energy savings.


    Our recycled fiber has the same level of comfort and thermal capacity as non-recycled fiber.

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Maximum comfort with our Feather Effect Nordic Fillings.

Down-effect duvet fillings are a hypoallergenic alternative to down duvets, offering comfort, warmth and softness. They are light, breathable and easy to maintain. Perfect for people with allergies or sensitivities to feathers but who want the same comfort.

High-quality Nordic Down Fillings, experience comfort and warmth.

The down duvet fillings are soft, light and warm, providing excellent breathability and heat distribution for a restful and comfortable sleep on cold winter nights. They are the perfect option for those looking for maximum comfort and quality in their bedding.

Complement your Nordic Filling

Choose a duvet filling and a pillow to complement your Duvet Cover.

Nordic fillings

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What size do I need for my bed?

If you have a single bed:

Bed 90cm

Nordic filling 150cm x 220cm

If you have a double bed:

Bed 135/140cm

Nordic filling 220cm x 220cm

Bed 150/160cm

Nordic filling 240cm x 220cm

If you have a king-size bed:

Bed 180/200cm

Nordic filling 260cm x 240cm

If you have a very high bed, or want your duvet cover to hang quite a bit, you can choose a size larger than the recommended one.

Cheap Nordic fillings.

Cheap Nordic fillings and taking care of the environment.