About us

Several years have passed since we opened Oma Home and our customers still have the same feeling, a space where you want to stay for a long time wanting home products that you can't find in other stores.
Maybe it's the music, the smell of our mikados or the individual experience we give each customer. Or simply because the space is always evolving with home products that we treat with great care.

We are a family business created by people who are passionate about home decoration.

Our philosophy is to give the best service to our customers, striving every day to have the best product and to provide a personalized service.


We are a brand focused on the balance of products with materials provided by nature and a fair market.

The work of all the people who collaborate with Oma Home is vital and that will always be reflected in each of our articles.


We are specialists in textiles and home decoration. Our team does constant work to have the best product with the most beautiful and exclusive designs.

We work with natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo and linen, since they are the best materials for the skin, having original and modern prints that will give a unique style to your home.

We hope you enjoy the moment of finding our products, that you appreciate it and share your experience. Being part of us, you add to a modern style that you cannot find in other places, where sustainability and beauty come together to create each collection.

"Everything, absolutely everything they have is beautiful, of good quality and at super affordable prices."


"The other day I finally walked into the store, and I couldn't help but fall in love with everything, but I controlled myself."


"One of those stores that are quite a find, very nice things at very good prices."