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SALES 2023

Sales 2023 with 20%, 40% and 50% discount. Discounts on duvet covers, sheets, fitted sheets, blankets, cushions, bedspreads, mikados and much more.

From Oma Home we have prepared the best sales offers on household items. Decoration and exclusive household items with irresistible offers. Also FREE SHIPPING from €30.

Edredones invierno rebajas

Los mejores edredones para invierno de Rebajas con descuentos especiales.

Sale Duvet Covers

Take advantage of the SALES offers on 100% cotton Duvet Covers with exclusive designs and the best possible touch.

Discounts patterned and smooth duvet covers. Discount offers with duvet covers for beds 150, 90, 135, 140 and 180.

Sale Blankets

The best sales blankets for winter and summer with irresistible offers.

Polar blanket Sales with the best prices. Also offers discounts on sheepskin blankets, knitted blankets, knitted blankets and basic blankets.


SALE bedspreads

Selection of discounted quilts for Sales. Summer bedspreads, plain and patterned cheap sales.