Collection: Bedspread 90, single bed.

Our 90cm bedspreads for a single bed are the perfect complement to any room. Made from soft, durable materials, our bedspreads are designed to bring comfort and style to your bed.

We offer winter and summer bedspreads, ideal for each season, and for double beds and padded bedspreads for greater comfort. For those looking for a unique style, we also have patchwork quilts, boho quilts, geometric print quilts, and vintage quilts, among other options.

Our quilts are ideal for keeping your bed cozy and warm on cold nights. Made from high-quality materials, our bedspreads are hard-wearing and easy-care. We have cotton, microfiber, wool and knitted quilts, among other materials. They can also be used to cover and protect the sofa.

Available in 80cm and 90cm sizes, our quilts are perfect for single beds and are also an excellent option for children's and youth rooms.